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The iconic modular sofas

The iconic modular sofas Choose any number of Modules to create your own lounge or choose from eight configuration packages that offer a variety of lounge designs. Blinde Design Relax Modular Sofa

Modular sofas: the retro style that’s ‘on-trend’

It was a staple piece of furniture in the 1970s and now, after years of being ignored in favour of more compact, statement sofas, the iconic modular (sectional) sofa is making a comeback!

Invented in the 1940s by American furniture designer Harvey Probber (although some say they first appeared around the early 1800s), sectional, modular seating is now very on-trend. And the trend is being driven by the fact families are now spending more time at home and in the living room – plus it’s really taken off thanks to a growing number of celebrities and influencers who are embracing the style. Aficionados include model Chrissie Teigan and her husband, singer John Legend, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Mike D of the Beastie Boys, influencer Aimee Song, and fashion designer Marc Jacobs. They’ve all been taking to Instagram, posting photos of themselves relaxing on their ultra-luxe modular sofas.

As Vogue’s Elise Taylor writes, “This is the sofa you’re seeing everywhere on Instagram”. Taylor also reveals that Teigan’s Instagram photo of her modular sofa caused a “furniture frenzy” and had thousands of people commenting on it. And the New York Times summed up today’s “embrace of bulbous, low-slung, super-squishy furniture that offers all-out comfort” as being “the furniture equivalent of sweatpants”.

No wonder modular sofas are at the top of our wish lists!

Retro style (but improved!)

Thankfully, gorgeous modular sofas, also called sectional couches, aren’t just for stars and style setters. There’s a new generation of modular sofas on the market that combine all the appealing qualities of the ‘70s versions – versatility, supreme comfort, sculptural curves, and inviting low-slung design – with a more robust yet lightweight construction and durable fabrics.

Why go modular?

Why go modular sofas
  • Better sizing for your room: you can select modules that fit exactly into a space where a regular sofa won’t go. There are modular sofas for larger spaces and for smaller spaces too.
  • Versatility: modular sectionals give more flexibility within a room, as you can change the configuration to fit your space or to create a new room layout. Remove a section for day-to-day use, create a ‘sofa bed’ when needed, add a chaise option… the modular sectional is one of the most multi-functional pieces of furniture around.
  • Easy to assemble and move: modular sofas can be easily assembled and, when you want to move the sofa within your home or to a new home, they are equally easy to disassemble.
  • Comfort & style: modular sofas have always been considered the most comfortable sofa, as they allow for sitting, reclining and lounging.
  • Customization: modular sofas are very adaptable and you can design your own perfect sofa. Plus, you can easily change the look of a room simply by altering the sectional layout. Mix and match colours, or choose right- or left-handed corner modules or chaise modules to create a sofa that suits your home and personal style.
  • Aesthetics: a modular sofa can make your living room look more elegant and stylish. By choosing the right colour of the sectional sofa, you can transform your room’s interior.
  • Entertaining: modular sofas are great for seating guests, and they encourage interaction.

A stronger focus on creating comfortable, stylish home

Comfortable, stylish modular sofas

Modular sofas have become the most coveted lounge solution, as they instantly make any space more inviting, stylish, and luxurious.

“We know how popular modular sofas are, with both celebrities and regular homeowners alike. Which is why we have created a special range of modular sofas,” says Stephane Thomas, Director of MAD Design, whose brands include Blinde Design, which features a range of indoor outdoor modular sectionals.

“They’re designed for today’s living, with clean lines, gentle curves, a low-back design and soft natural hues giving each sofa module a contemporary look and enabling them to harmonise with any décor style and colour palette. They also create a seamless transition between interior spaces and alfresco areas like the patio. With our range of sectionals, we have improved on the original modular sofa concept by using a strong sturdy aluminium frame and high-performance weather-resistant Sunbrella® fabrics.

Versatile lounge solution

Versatile lounge solutions

Modular sofas are comprised of modules or sections (which is why they are also called sectional sofas or couches), which make them suitable for any room layout and size and give you the freedom to create any size and shape lounge you desire.

With left and right-side modules, corner modules, single modules with and without backs (ottoman style), you can create one or two smaller rectangular couches, an L-shape or U-shape sofa, or a chaise lounge sectional sofa – and add an ottoman. And you can reconfigure the modules within minutes to change your modular sofa shape, and position within your space. Many modular sofas are now lighter, making it easier to reconfigure and reposition them.

Versatility is at the core of the Blinde Design Relax and Connect ranges. Multiple configurations offer the freedom to easily create almost any size or shape sofa to suit your space or occasion. They are also lightweight and simply click into position.

“Modular sectional sofas are the ultimate in form and function, enabling you to create a lounge (or two) that caters to your everyday life and entertaining. In the warmer months you can move your modular sofa near the open doors or window, while in winter, you can position it fireside,” says Stephane.

Modular sofas are multi-functional

Multi-functional modular sofas

In addition to being a stylish, super comfortable lounge solution, modular sectional sofas:

  • make an eye-catching style statement
  • create a focal point, which is key for spaces that have numerous smaller items
  • break up a room and create a lounge zone (key for achieving the broken-plan trend)
  • anchor a room, meaning every other furnishing looks like it belongs.

“Blinde Design modular sofas have a generous low-slung minimalist design, which acts both as a design feature and an anchor for large spaces,” says Stephane.

“We have left and right modules, a corner module, a single module and an ottoman. It means that in just minutes, you can create one large or two smaller rectangular couches, an L-shape or U-shape sofa, or a chaise sectional sofa. As every home is different in size and layout, and our lifestyle and entertaining needs can change from season to season, our modular sofas are the smart solution.”

Stephane Thomas, director of MAD Design Group

Comfortable, stylish solution for indoor and outdoor living

Indoor/outdoor modular sofas

Some modular sofas are weather-resistant, making them suitable for both indoors and outdoors. And as they can be reconfigured, they’re the perfect outdoor couch for any size or shape patio, courtyard, terrace, and veranda.

And with their comfortable, generous curves, modular sofas make any outdoor space more inviting and enjoyable. In addition, when they are in complementary styling and hues, they create an attractive, seamless transition between your interiors and outdoor spaces.

Blinde Design’s modular sofas are created for indoor and outdoor use. Robustly constructed from strong and durable materials, including coated aluminium frames and all-weather, stain resistant Sunbrella® fabric, the Blinde Design sectional sofas are designed to stand the test of time – even in harsh outdoor environments.

Modular sofas look good in any style of interior

It’s the modular sofa’s combination of styling (low-slung sculptural and ample dimensions), its versatility to create any shape, and the choice of coverings and accessories that enable it to enhance and complement the look and ambiance of any style of space – contemporary, country and rustic, mid-century modern, and coastal.

For example, you can recreate a ‘70s look by choosing a modular sofa in earthy tones and pairing it with large textural cushion covers, throws and rugs, macrame and pottery. Or maybe accessorize a light-hued modular couch with pastel-coloured cushions to create mid-century modern style, or create a sophisticated yet relaxed contemporary look with natural muted hues and plain cushions.

Blinde Design modular sofas and scatter cushions all come in a choice of three plain natural-hued Sunbrella fabrics – Flanelle, Sooty and Canvas, offering design freedom and the ability to complement any décor style.

Modular couches are oh-so comfortable

Seriously, who can resist those ample plush cushions that look like they gently envelope your body in cloud-like comfort? And better still, many of today’s modular sofas, like Blinde Design’s aptly-named Relax and Connect ranges, featuring plush memory foam shells, combine that irresistible comfort with support.

With a modular couch created to suit your lifestyle, everyone gets a comfy seat. And if you enjoy reclining while reading or watching TV, you can extend the length by adding a module or two, or by disconnecting a module or two to create an intimate cosy nest for two. The choice is yours.

Modular sofas make a style statement on their own

Simply adding a modular sofa to a space makes a style statement – as seen in countless celebrities’ posts. You don’t need to add much else. However, you can turn the comfort dial up – and change the look of your space quickly and effortlessly – by simply adding some big cushions, a chunky throw, and a coffee table that can hold its own design-wise, like a solid, low-set Blinde Design Fluid™ Concrete coffee table.

As an enduring style icon, modular sofas are a smart investment

Modular sofas have been a popular lounge solution for decades, with many leading interior designers regarding them as enduring style icons. Style aside, their appeal is enduring too. Who can resist an ultra-comfortable lounge that morphs in minutes to cater to any space, any size family, and any occasion?

Key features & benefits of Blinde Design’s Relax and Connect modular sofas:

Modular sofas key features
  • Contemporary clean-line styling with gentle curves and low-back design
  • Versatility: the freedom to create the size and configuration you desire
  • Weather and stain-resistant high performing Sunbrella® fabric
  • Robust and sturdy construction with durable coated aluminium frames
  • Supreme comfort and support with plush memory foam cushions
  • Lightweight modules that easily move and click into place
  • Choice of eight configuration packages that offer a variety of sofa designs
  • Choice of three on-trend natural hues: Flanelle, Sooty and Canvas
  • Optional scatter cushions in Sunbrella® fabric and quick-dry foam for extra comfort and a finishing touch